Small Den Ideas

Small Den Ideas


Living in a small space doesn’t mean your home has to feel small. In fact, with the right furniture layout and plenty of creative ideas, you can make any room feel inviting and comfortable—even if it’s only 220 square feet! To help you get started on transforming your den into a cozy home away from home, we’ve put together some of our favorite small-space decorating tips below:

1. Bring nature into your den.

  • Bring nature into your den.

The natural world is beautiful, so why not bring it inside? There are many ways to do this, but one of the easiest is using materials like wood and stone in your den. The right choice of furniture can also help create an earthy vibe that will make you feel connected with the outdoors (and give off some serious “I’m going camping!” vibes). You can add plants for color and texture as well as windows for light–but don’t forget about fireplaces! They’re essential when trying to create a cozy atmosphere

2. Make your den cozy and inviting with soft lighting and a fireplace.

  • Use soft lighting: Soft lighting is essential for creating a cozy atmosphere in any room. For example, you can use a dimmer switch or string lights to create the right effect.
  • Place a fireplace in your den: Fireplaces provide warmth and comfort, which makes them perfect for dens where people want to relax after work or school. They also add an inviting feel that makes it easier for guests to sit down with you on the couch and watch TV or read together (you know what I mean).
  • Add rugs: Rugs not only help define the space but also make it look bigger than it actually is–and they’re super easy on bare feet!

3. A small room can feel bigger with the right furniture layout.

When you plan your furniture’s layout, try to ensure that it doesn’t take up too much space. You may want to move some pieces into the center of the room and against walls so they don’t block doorways or pathways. If you have a large piece of furniture like a couch or armchair, consider placing it in an area where everyone can enjoy it without taking up too much space on its own.

4. Keep storage and organizational items out of sight.

  • Use a console table to store items.
  • Hide a TV in an armoire.
  • Use a wall-mounted shelf for storage.
  • Hiding a desk in a closet can be an easy way to make your space feel bigger and help you keep it neat and tidy! Alternatively, if you want to keep your desk out in the open but still have it look neat and organized all the time (which we certainly do), consider getting yourself some wall-mounted cabinets or even just putting up some shelves that’ll hold all those office supplies neatly out of sight when not in use.

5. Consider the lighting in your den for optimal comfort and function.

It’s important to choose the right lighting for your den. If there aren’t any windows in your den, ensure you have enough lighting so it’s not too dark and gloomy. On the other hand, if there are windows in the room (especially if they face north or west), dimmer switches or lamps with dimmers can help create a comfortable atmosphere by allowing you to control how much light is coming through those windows.

If you want more light than others, consider using lamps with high ratings on brightness (measured in lumens). But if other people prefer less brightness than what these bulbs provide–or if they’re sensitive to bright lights–then consider using lower-lumen bulbs instead! Remember: You’ll always want enough illumination so no one trips over anything dangerous like furniture or pets while walking around your den at night.”

Small rooms don’t have to be boring spaces!

It’s true that small rooms can be boring, but they don’t have to be! Look no further if you’re looking for inspiration to make the most out of your space. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite small-room design ideas so you can find your style in any sized room.

  • A cozy reading nook is a must-have for any bookworm. This one uses an extra chair as the base for a built-in bench along one wall and has bookshelves above it–it’s perfect for curling up with your favorite novel or magazine!
  • If you’re short on storage space but love displaying fresh flowers like these blooming beauties above, try using shelves with glass doors as display cases instead of buying decorative vases at Ikea (or elsewhere). It won’t cost much more than $5 per piece ($20 total), meaning less clutter around your home while still showing off those beautiful blooms all year!


We can all agree that the den is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s where you can go to relax, unwind and spend time with family and friends. A small den shouldn’t be a problem if you put some thought into how it’s laid out beforehand!



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